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About Price2b.

Price2b´s Company Vision.

Price2b vision is to estimate the global competitive position of every product and make it universally accessible.

Price2b´s Company Mission.

Price2b mission is to provide the most valuable system to sell, buy, promote, ship and finance every product in the world, based on global competitive position.

Price2b´s Company Business Approach.

Price2b is the moment when participants find a price balance point, maximizing player satisfaction. The name reflects our company mission, estimate global competitive position and facilitate all participants to reach pricing objectives to assume obligations.

Price2b´s Company Values.

Price2b is involved with the development of national economies. We firmly believe this vector contributes to the human development of its populations. Based on this fact, our contribution is focused on creating value for these economies, impacting on the Gross National Product (GNP) of each country. Based on our contribution offering a system to sell, buy, promote and finance products all over the world, GNP appears as the best option to reach our objectives.

GNP is an economic statistic that includes Gross Domestic Product, plus any income earned by residents from overseas investments, minus income earned within the domestic economy by overseas residents. This economic statistic allows us to promote human development in countries with high average income per person, and in countries with low average income per person. We can cover both situations because of the competitive position estimated by price2b. As an example:

Based on this approach, price2b orientation is to provide tools to increase actual levels on their respective economies. As we have observed, Gross National Product measures a country´s economic performance, based on what their citizens produce, with no relevance to where. We can assume income and well being enhancement in a population come as a consequence of the sum of internal and external factors, and not only based on what their citizens produce within its borders. Based on the analysis that all products compete in transit time and price with similar products around the world, in the future, the GNP variable will act as the best statistical measure of the impact that different macroeconomical worldwide situations have on the competitiveness of each country.

Through our approach focus on operations based on production, all processes will create wealth to the societies that participate. Analyzing international commerce at a quick glance, we can predict that products will move from countries with low average income per person, consequently with competitive salaries, to countries with high average income per person, consequently with more money to acquire products. This can make us suppose that, based on the merchandise flow described above, the benefits of a system of electronic commerce that connects supply with demand internationally, will generate a negative social impact on societies with high level of income, and a positive social impact on societies with a low level of income. This is not true.

With this system both societies are going to receive a positive impact. In general, societies with higher levels of income, show good levels of education and wealth distribution among their populations. Consequently, providing their citizens with information to increase overseas investments and obtain more benefits will increase profits, and this will be channeled to the rest of the citizens through collection in taxes. In the case of societies with low levels of income among their populations, the possibility of selling directly to consumers in other countries, will grant higher prices for each product sold, increasing incomes and the wellbeing of their citizens. Estimating the flow of products, based on the merchandise flow described above, allows to know where it is worthwhile to produce and where it is worthwhile to sell, allowing investors to know where it is worthwhile to invest.

This estimation will increase overseas investments in countries with low quality of life among their citizens, generating incomes through salaries and more access to primary services, such as health systems and education, on the active labor population and their families. Consequently, given the increasing world-wide product competitiveness, we can infer that in the future the measure of success in a population will depend on how fast it understands that the world operates interconnected and not as the sum of isolated countries. This vision of analyzing economies as the sum of internal and external opportunities provide people the possibility to take actions for a global approach, with benefits to all participants.

It is possible to say that in the future, the size of a country will be analyzed by the global competitiveness of its economy in the world, rather than by the size of population or by the size of their territories.

Price2b has arrived to facilitate this process…

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